• TMTV coming attractions!

    TMTV coming attractions!

    What's in store on TrainMasters TV in the coming months? Watch this video and find out!

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  • Basic decoder programming with JMRI

    Basic decoder programming with JMRI

    Four little letters make for big possibilities in Digital Command Control: JMRI - watch this video to learn why ...

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  • The narrow gauge niche

    The narrow gauge niche

    David Woodhead discusses his fascination with the slim gauges ...

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  • New TOMA layout building series on TMTV

    New TOMA layout building series on TMTV

    We've embarked on a new layout project building series entitled: Start small - THINK BIG. Watch the first episode!

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  • Lubing locomotives ...

    Lubing locomotives ...

    Locomotives: Pierre Oliver takes them apart and shows how to properly grease ‘em!

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TrainMaster's Shows

TrainMasters TV uses a TV-show format to present an act each week, building toward a complete 4-act show by month-end.  Each act contains many segments ranging from a few minutes to 30 minutes or more.  TrainMasters' viewers can choose to watch individual acts or the entire show. TrainMasters also has a growing archive library of how-to videos on a broad selection of model railroad topics. Finally, TMTV is excited to announce the availablilty of eBooks - making TMTV into your total mediaHub for model railroading information.

Watch past monthly shows

Hosts Clark Kooning and Lionel Strang welcome guest clinicians into their shop to share expert tips and techniques for creating more realistic models..

We bring in the leading DCC experts for you in "DCC Decoded".  They'll share their favourite secrets, review new products, and give  tips on how to get the most from DCC.

Our hosts Miles Hale (Modeling with the Masters) and Trevor Marshall (The Model Railway Show) both are very skilled modelers and make watching the how-to process fun.

Who doesn't want to show off their work?  MyLayout features viewer-submitted content presented by host Jim Wright. The contributing modelers take us on a tour around their layouts.

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Our Fans Say

Bill M:

The lighting, sound, graphics and overall content of TMTV have the feel of a network television show.  If you've ever wished there was an "HGTV" for our hobby, this is as close as any outlet has come.

John D:

The TMTV videos have great production values and more importantly great material. I like that TMTV is not adverse to shooting longer videos -- a half hour or more -- to cover a topic fully.

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